Meama is the largest manufacturer of capsules for coffee machines in Georgia, the company is equipped with modern coffee capsule manufacturing machines and has invested up to 40 million GEL.

We started working with Meama in the first half of 2018 and our cooperation is still ongoing and strong enough,

At the Meama plant, the Guard system designed and installed a complex nitrogen generation system that used screw compressors, air coolers, activated carbon filters, and more.

In addition, a compressed air piping system was installed for the coffee maker and packing pneumatic machines, which also used screw compressors and other accompanying machines.

Nitrogen and air mains were constructed with special aluminum pipes certified for use in the food industry.

Group Atlantic

The French international company Group Atlantic, whose factory is located and operates in the Kutaisi industrial zone, has invested more than 100 million US dollars main products the factory produces is European standard Electric heaters.

The company Gardi Systems made a great contribution to its operation and installed air compressor and air treatment systems. A screw compressor with a capacity of 200 kW and air processing system was installed in the factory.

As Service operator Gardi System ensures timely and professional On-site service for proper and effective Compressed air machine operation.


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